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R-ICT Final Stakeholder Workshop

Date.: 2016-29-02
The Digital Agenda for Europe states that ICT are “critical to help Europe face future challenges such as supporting an ageing society, climate change, .....

R-ICT Resource Centre

Date.: 2016-18-02
The R-ICT online Resource Centre is now available on-line...

ICT4Society DAE Community

Date.: 2016-18-02
The ICT4Society Café is still on-line and the members are engaged in debate on a range of issues related to responsibility in the ICT sector...

Becoming a Member of the ICT4Society DAE Community – Instructions for Use

Date.: 2015-23-09
ICT4Society is an on-line community, whose members discuss CSR in the ICT sector.
To become a community member: .....

ICT4Society – the DAE Community to improve CSR in the ICT Sector

Date.: 2015-23-09
ICT4Society is a DG CONNECT initiative. It was launched in 2012 with the stakeholder consultation on the draft Concept Note ICT4Society: Establishing a multi-stakeholder platform/network to advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the ICT sector.....

ICT4Society is Looking for Company Case Studies on CSR in the ICT

Date.: 2015-23-09
ICT4Society is looking for case studies of ICT companies that have integrated CSR principles into their strategies and procedures.
Case studies will be published on the ICT4Society Café and shared with its members, providing inspiration to others........

New to CSR? Or wanting to improve your knowledge? Here is a list of useful resources.

Date.: 2015-23-09
A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility (COM 2011/681)
The Council and the European Parliament have both called on the Commission to further develop its CSR policy. In the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Commission made a commitment to renew the EU strategy to promote Corporate Social Responsibility....


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